Chapter 8: Optimizing PHP

This chapter will look at tuning PHP with php.ini. It will explain how to read phpinfo(), and discuss PHP's memory footprint. It will explain how PHP is compiled for each page, unless you enable an opcode cache. It will then review some of the most popular opcode caches, how they work with Drupal, and known issues and fixes.

  1. Configuring PHP
    1. What is php.ini
    2. Finding php.ini
    3. phpinfo()
  2. Tuning PHP
    1. Modifying php.ini
    2. PHP's memory footprint
    3. Disabling Unnecessary Features
  3. Writing Good Code
    1. Common Pitfalls
    2. Investment vs. Return
  4. Opcode Caches
    1. Scripting Languages
    2. APC
    3. Xcache
    4. eAccelerator
    5. The White Screen Of Death