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Tag1 Consulting, Inc. keeps your website fast.

We are a Drupal-focused consulting firm specializing in performance and scalability for the entire software stack running your website (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). We have a broad skill set with experience in much more than stock Drupal and the standard LAMP stack. We focus on scalability using tools such as Varnish, APC, Memcached, load balancers, high availability clustering, integration with CDNs, infrastructure design and deployment, networked file systems, Solr, cloud services and more.

Meet the Team

Our team brings a wide range of technical skills from years of experience with Drupal and the LAMP stack. Many of us volunteer time to maintain drupal.org’s infrastructure and core modules. We have experience building and maintaining scalable systems, in and out, from design to deployment.

We are a hand-picked, nimble team that carries energy, talent and success to all of our clients. Our distributed nature allows us to quickly react to clients all hours of the day.

Our Projects